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Why do the hair stop growing to the desired length?

Why do the hair stop growing to the desired length?

So often we hear women saying that their hair don’t grow past a certain length; if only there were a solution! Let Dr Suruchi Garg, Chief consultant at Aura Skin Institute give you the most valid reasons as to why this happens.

The doctor says, “Each and every individual is genetically programmed to have a certain maximum length of hair, beyond which the hair growth is not possible. There are differences in hair length, colour and texture as per race, ethnicity and gender. How well you attain and maintain this programmed length of hair depends upon your environment which chiefly comprises of nutrition, health, habits and stress”.

The causes – There are a number of reasons that slow down the hair growth. Diet is one main reason why our hair stops growing after a certain length. Excessive use of chemicals for styling is another. Using a wrong shampoo or carelessness with oiling can also prevent your hair from growing. And some experts also attribute heat, dust and pollution as the culprit for bad hair. One also needs to understand that it is not that hair stop growing. Rather, the problem is that they break off so much that you end up feeling as if the hair isn’t growing to the desired length.

The Solution – You can actually grow your hair to a certain length if you pamper them nicely. Do not be too harsh with your hair while rubbing or drying with towel, styling, brushing and removing tangles. Using good quality serums and hair oils also helps. You must oil your hair once a week and let the oil stay for at least 2 hours. Some people think that hair grow more with frequent trimming. Yes, cutting down split-ended hair will help you in reducing the tangles and subsequent breakage.

But above everything else, you need to make changes in your diet as well. Since hair is a protein by structure, so your diet should contain minimum 50 grams or 1 gram per kg body weight of protein per day for healthy and lustrous hair. The food platter should be full of variety of naturally colored ingredients so as to ensure good amount of vitamins, minerals and anti- oxidants. ‘Make sure you never miss your nutritious breakfast before 9 AM no matter what!’ This very basic commitment will take care of most of your skin and hair problems.

Lack of Ferritin has been found to push the hair from ‘growing phase’ into the ‘shedding phase’ earlier than it should be. Similarly, an underactive/overactive thyroid could also be the main reason for arrest in hair growth. Your hormones can play havoc with hair health and lead to problems like Androgenetic alopecia in men and Frontal pattern baldness and Polycystic ovarian syndrome in women. These underlying disorders need to be addressed before you start expecting healthy tresses. Taking necessary Iron supplements, Vitamins B6, B12, D3 and Zinc can work wonders for your hair length and texture.

Another way to encourage hair growth is to take consultation from your dermatologist. A dermatologist will point at causes which might be affecting your scalp, where hair growth has slowed down. In fact, a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) session studded with millions of natural growth factors from expert trychologist will help you avoid problems like hairfall and unhealthy hair.