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If you have an unwanted tattoo that you wish to remove partially or completely, there is no need to worry or panic. No, you don’t have to undergo a surgery, because here at AuraSkinInstitute, we offer you the latest and scar-less high powered pixel Q-switch laser treatment for the tattoo removal.

The major advantage of this laser is its amazing efficacy and safety in tackling all kinds of tattoos and birthmarks. It is more advanced in comparison to other available lasers in the market as it delivers high powered laser beams facilitating very precise and better skin penetration yielding exemplary results, yet not compromising on the safety. It works well on all kinds of tattoo inks, irrespective of the size and depth of tattoos. So time to say goodbye to your unwanted tattoos and birth marks and all you require is few sittings of laser to dissociate yourself completely from your past!

Now we have devised an innovative laser treatment protocols for tattoo removal where we combine different wavelengths together to take away the tattoo ink in shortest possible time. This is more useful especially for the aspiring defence personnel whose interviews are just round the corner and they want very quick results. We make every effort to add wings to your dreams by our innovative and high end technology and applications.

Tattoo Removal in Chandigarh


Laser treatment for tattoo and birthmark removal works by delivering high powered laser beams on the affected area of the skin which get absorbed by the pigment of your tattoo work/birthmark. This makes your tattoo pigments to break into some small particles which are then removed by the immune system of your body. Now, you might be worrying will this laser beam also destroy your natural skin pigments? Well, don’t worry about it!! This laser beam acts only on the color/pigment of your tattoo/birthmark and won’t cause any damage to the surrounding skin.

FAQs About Tattoo & Birthmark Removal

Our latest and revolutionary laser treatment eliminates your skin tattoo/birthmarks without leaving any scars or discolored spots. This procedure utilizes an intense laser light energy to turn your tattoo ink into some small or microscopic particles which get easily removed by body’s own defense cells. This helps to make your skin look clearer and toned.

At AuraSkinInstitute, we provide the best treatment, to remove any type of tattoo work from your body. For further information, here is a list of some FAQs and their answers to guide you about the basics of this procedure

  • How does Laser work to remove Tattoo/birthmarks?
  • Laser beams penetrate skin upto the level of tattooed ink/pigmented birth mark and break it down into small particles. These fragmented particles are slowly cleared from that site by body's own defense cells and eventually tattoo is cleared in 6 to 8 sittings.
  • What is the cost of the treatment?
  • The cost may vary depending upon the size, depth, colour and age of tattoo/birthmark. For an average size tattoo/birthmark the cost may vary somewhere between 3000 to 5000 per sitting and one requires minimum 6 to 8 sittings.
  • Can all colours be removed in this treatment?
  • Yes, all colours can be removed with this treatment though some colours are slow to respond like orange, yellow, red and green.
  • How many treatment sessions will I require?
  • One requires six to eight treatment sessions. Multicoloured tattoos/birthmarks may require more sittings.
  • Will this treatment leave any scars on my skin?
  • The latest High power pixel Q-switched laser is scarless technique to tackle tattoos/birthmarks. Though some people may see temporary hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation but it usually improves with time. One should never try to pick the crust during first week of the procedure as it may damage the underlying healing skin and thus lead to scarring.
  • Is this treatment suitable for every skin type?
  • Yes, treatment can be taken up by all skin types, although pigmented races may experience some darkening in between the procedure; which will slowly improve with time.
  • Is Laser Tattoo or Birthmark Removal painful?
  • Yes, it is slightly painful procedure; almost comparable to the time when you got this tattoo inked. Usually topical anesthesia with mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine for 60 minutes prior to the procedure is needed. Cold air or ice may be used to minimize discomfort.
  • Does it take time to heal after the treatment?
  • Yes, a crust is formed which takes around one week to fall off after the procedure.
  • Any side effects?
  • No, the procedure is absolutely safe and well tolerated.
  • What is the 'Best Laser' available for Tattoo and Birthmark Removal?
  • High power pixel Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is the best laser available for tattoo and birthmark removal.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."

Maya Angelou
Aura Skin Institute makes every effort to bring that beauty in you :)

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Sangeeta, Air Hostess, Chandigarh
I am an air hostess and I had a multicolored tattoo on my arm. Thanks to Dr. Suruchi for her exceptional patience and expertise in treating my tattoo. I was really nervous and skeptical but she put me at ease, reassured me, and got me through it. I know I was a very fussy patient. You not only removed my tattoo, but also taught me a little patience! Thank you very much.

Sangeeta, Air Hostess, Chandigarh

Lucky, Businessman, Muktsar, Punjab
When I was a teenager I got a tattoo inked over my neck. But now I am 23 and getting married soon. So I wanted to get rid of this tattoo for which I came to Dr. Suruchi at Aura Skin Institute. She explained me everything in detail and answered all my questions. I took 5 sitting of High power Q-switch laser and ther result is so good. My tattoo is absolutely gone and there is no scar. Thanks to Dr. Suruchi and I would definitely recommend Aura Skin Institute to anyone who wants to get his tattoo removed.

Lucky, Businessman, Muktsar, Punjab

Laser Treatments: Worries


We are all born with smooth, supple, baby-soft skin. But as we travel through this journey called "life", our skin is subjected to innumerable harsh conditions which can leave premature signs of aging on our face like wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Also there can be birthmarks, tattoo marks or scars left by some diseases or injuries. We, at AuraSkinInstitute are well aware of these concerns and we offer you technologically highly advanced lasers operated by fully trained personnel. So come to us and leave behind all your skin worries!

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Tattoo removal

This young boy wanted selection in Army but his tattoo on right leg inked few years back was coming in his way to chase his dreams. He took High powered 1064 Q-switch Laser treatment. Results after 3 sittings saw near complete removal of the tattoo ink.

Tattoo Removal 2

Results with Q-switch laser

Birth Mark removal

Results after 4 sittings