Aura Skin Institute

Aura Skin Institute is well equipped with world’s most advanced and latest, US FDA approved lasers for nearly all Dermatological indications. These lasers have proven safety with amazing efficacy. Aura takes immense pride in saying that it has introduced many of these lasers for the first time in the country viz. i-pixelER, high powered pixel Q-switch and Soprano Ice (unique combination of Diode and Alexandrite). We have specially designed Laser rooms keeping in view the safety of our clients as well as the operators following ‘Laser Safety Guidelines’.

AuraSkinInstitute Hair Tx Harvesting System

We have the most innovative and technologically highly advanced body contouring and skin tightening device – Exilis. It is US FDA approved and has won “The Best Skin Tightening Device” award at ‘The Aesthetic Show’ in Las Vegas, USA (2012) and London, UK (2013). This is first-of-its-kind machine in this part of the country and has been imported from Prague, the Czech Republic.

Aura Skin Institute also has the most advanced Hair Transplant Studio having fully dedicated transplant team and world class Operation Theatre conforming to “International Hair Transplant Norms”. Our OT is equipped with temperature and humidity controls, reclining chair for enhanced patient comfort and special LED lights. These are cold lights and don’t produce any heat, hence no chance of any damage to the hair roots; a problem common with Halogen OT bulbs, where chances of graft failure increase due to the detrimental effects of heat generated by halogen bulbs in OT light. We use high-end surgical equipments required for the procedure including state-of-the-art, 3rd generation micro-motor of Safe Scribe System, USA (US, FDA approved) for hair harvesting and 4X eye-loops for magnification, to name a few.

We have the latest fractional Microneedling Radio Frequency device ‘DeAge EX’ which is a first-of-its-kind US FDA approved device that comes with sophisticated gold coated 49 microneedles and 80Watt power. It delivers very precise energy into the dermis without causing any damage to the outer skin or epidermis, hence giving maximum safety profile.

Equipments available (US FDA approved)

Alma Soprano
Soprano ICE hair removal Laser
Alma Harmony XL
Alma Harmony XL Machine
BTL Exilis
BTL Exilis 360
DeAgeEX Fractional Microneedling
Ellman - Surgitron Radio Frequency
Ellman – Surgitron Radio Frequency
S.A.F.E Scribe
S.A.F.E. Scribe
Alma Hybrid Laser
Alma Hybrid Laser
Aqua Fusion AD 300 From AQUA DERM
Aqua Fusion AD 300 From AQUA DERM
Cellina Sublative Radio Frequency (RF)
Cellina Sublative Radio Frequency (RF)
  1. Alma Hybrid Laser with revolutionary Impact Infusion (First time in the country) by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • Unique combination of CO2 (10600nm) and 1570 nm wavelength lasers delivered with sequential lasing pattern
    • The king of all lasers, ALMA hybrid a platform technology, used for numerous indications ranging from acne scars, traumatic scars, burn scars, keloids, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks, open pores and facial rejuvenation
    • Absolutely Painless, revolutionary ultrasonic infusion technology – to deliver healing substances (like PRP, proteoglycans, Vit C, glutathione, tranexamic acid, retinoids) into the deeper layers of skin
  2. Soprano ICE hair removal Laser (First time in the country) by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • Comes with stand-alone gold standard ‘Diode’ and ‘Alex’ laser technologies
    • Painless and permanent hair reduction
    • Effective for coarse, fine and resistant hair
  3. Harmony XL – Multi-Application Treatment Platform: Harmony XL is a robust, modular medical aesthetic treatment platform offering practitioners nearly 20 distinct laser, light-based and ultrasound technologies. The applications of various laser handpieces are clinically proven in extensive research studies and are used for over 65 US FDA-cleared indications.
    • High Power Pixel Q-switch Laser (First time in the country) by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • Clear Lift: fractional, non-ablative Laser (First time in the country) by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • i-PixelER Laser (First time in the country) by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • Acne 420 Laser by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • Nd:YAG Laser by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • SSR and VP 540 Laser by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • Pulsed UVB Laser by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
    • NIR Laser by Alma Lasers Ltd, Israel / USA
  4. Exilis 360 Ultra: It is a Fat Reduction, Body Contouring and Skin Tightening device (First time in North India) by BTL Aesthetics, Prague, the Czech Republic. Exilis is a precise, effective and extremely versatile device which offers a unique blend of Ultrasound, Monopolar Radio Frequency & Cooling in a single applicator.
  5. DeAgeEX Fractional Microneedling: by IDS Lasers, DSE Group, Seoul, Korea
    • Comes with 18 independent bipolar channels
    • Precise and adjustable depth control from 0.1mm to 4.0mm
    • Best in the industry with sophisticated gold coated 49 needles and 80 Watt power
    • No downtime
  6. Cellina Sublative Radio Frequency (RF)
    • A new kid on the block for resistant Acne Scars
    • RF waves are applied (after inserting a blunt special RF cannula under the skin) to break the underlying fibrous tissue, thereby releasing and lifting the depressed scar, restoring the smooth contour of your skin.
  7. Surgitron Radio Frequency: by Ellman International Inc, USA
    • Used for removal of warts, corns, skin tags; ear lobe repair and other minor surgical procedures
  8. Hydrafacial Aqua Fusion
    • gives instant glow to the skin
    • a type of hydradermabrasion that combines cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and antioxidant infusion that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.
  9. 3rd Generation Hair Harvesting system and other surgical equipments for Hair Transplantation by Safe Scribe System, USA (US, FDA Approved)
  10. High resolution video microscope for examination of hair and skin