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Why isn’t my beard transplant growing? How long does it take?

Why isn’t my beard transplant growing? How long does it take?

Beard transplant have become a fad among many guys for more than one reasons. The most common reason of undergoing beard transplant is to keep a unique style statement of facial hair which further enhances one’s confidence. After all, beards define manliness about a man. The story of keeping beard or moustaches is in fact entwined with masculinity of mankind since time immemorial.

Over the last few years, beard transplant in India has become a trend among guys. As compared to western countries, the trend of beard transplant reached India and Middle East over the last 5-6 years. However, its impact has been greatly felt among many individuals. With easy spending capacity of today’s youth, beard transplant has become a fast growing trend among the various grooming procedures. All in all, beard transplant is not a very expensive procedure. It is easily affordable with most of the good centers offering various monthly payment options.

A difference is easily visible in the look and attitude of individuals who undergo beard transplant. Most often, a new sense of confidence radiates among individuals who opted for beard transplant.

Life after Beard Transplant

Human beings are prone to being impatient. Thus, some individuals cannot wait for the result of their beard transplant no sooner than the treatment is done. Why isn’t my beard transplant growing? How long does it take for it to grow?  These are some of the common questions often asked by patients after undergoing their beard transplant. It is quite natural for them to bring up such questions since they cannot wait for a miraculous growth of their beard.  However, it is the expert’s duty to give a logical reply right?

Well, patience is something that you need to see the result of your beard transplant. You cannot expect anything to be picture perfect on day one. Hence, don’t expect the growth of your transplanted beard right after your surgery. Every treatment takes its own course so you need to be a little patient to see the satisfying result of your transplant.

After your beard transplant, it normally takes 3-4 months to see new hair growth. Within 5 months, you will start noticing a considerable amount of hair on the transplanted area. In6 to 8 months, you will see the full result of the transplant. So don’t you brood day and night in front of the mirror waiting for some unrealistic growth of transplanted hair. Just take a chill pill, focus on other activities in your life and let the hair growth follow its natural course.  

If you consider beard transplant, get it done from a professional hair transplant centre in Chandigarh. Remember only a professional transplant centre will render permanent solution to your requirement. So be wise while choosing any transplant centre in India.