Research at Aura Skin Institute

ARIC is the Research and Development division of AURA SKIN INSTITUTE, CHANDIGARH, to develop and promote innovations in skin care. At Aura, our experts make research on the most advanced skin and hair care technologies just to ensure that you get what you want: innovative treatments and products you can rely upon and that at a price you can afford!

Aura has identified the following Thrust Areas for promotion of innovations:

  • Improved devices/equipment: ARIC is actively involved in development of innovative and improved devices for emerging cosmetic and derma procedures, which demand specialized equipment. It has successfully developed a hair transplant tool ‘AURIS’ which offers better and faster follicular transplant (Patent Filed).
  • Improved derma care products: ARIC is working on the translational aspects of promising research leads relating to derma care. Some encouraging results have been obtained in this direction e.g. improved water soluble coal tar formulation, formulation for removal of warts and moles etc.
  • Wound Care and Tissue Regeneration: Bio-glue-An innovative and unique product identified for promotion by ARIC eliminates the need for stitches and can ‘stick’ a wound, just like ‘glue’. Dietary supplements for tissue rejuvenation represent a promising new area, being explored by ARIC.
  • PRP Therapy: The role of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy for hair regrowth in patients undergoing hair transplant is being evaluated and the preliminary studies have shown very promising results which were presented at International Conference of Dermatology 2013. Also the role of PRP therapy in anti-aging treatments and scar revision is under research at Aura.