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Arm Fat

Fat on Arms is a result of the enlargement of the fat cells that remain stored in our arms throughout our lives. The enlargement occurs as we age and produces flabby skin around the area. This undesirable fat deprives you from following the latest fashion trends (like wearing cut-sleeves) affecting your self-confidence severely.

At AuraSkinInstitute, Arm Fat Reduction seems quite easy and convenient with the advanced radiofrequency and ultrasound duel technology being used. Our trained specialists use EXILIS, a 'non-invasive' device for body contouring, fat reduction and skin tightening. It is a complete hassle-free treatment with no anesthesia required. Each session might take 20 to 30 minutes and you may join your work right after the session. The treatment is absolutely pain-free with zero recovery time. Most of the EXILIS patients notice slimmer arms after the very first session!!

Total circumference reduction will be measured immediately after your treatment is over. And you are ready to flaunt your toned arms right after the treatment!!


If you want to know more about arm fat, here are the answers to your queries. Have a look!!

"Because being fat is depressing and it just brings me down."

Aura Skin Institute makes your self confidence and oomph factor alive again :)
skin worries


Our mantra is to re-juvenate, re-enliven and re-fresh your skin using innovative and revolutionary medical techniques. We, at AuraSkinInstitute, offer treatments that are completely safe & reliable!!! All the Fat Reduction services, performed under the guidance of expert doctors, can be customized according to your need and lifestyle. We don't spare any room for insecurities or worries!! Leave all your inhibitions behind and surrender yourself to our Experts! You will come out completely satisfied!!!

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Fat Reduction 11

35 years old was suffering from arm fat. results after 3 sessions of Exilis.

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Results after 3 sessions of Exilis.