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The male chest defines masculinity with a fit and firm body. Excessive male breast tissue can be quite embarrassing for some as it is not considered appropriate for men, socially. Men too want to feel good about their bodies, for which they approach surgical solutions for their physical imperfections.

Male Chest Fat

Male Chest Fat occurs due to a condition called gynecomasia (excessive male breast tissue). Male Breast Reduction has to be followed for a firmer, flatter, more defined and masculine chest.

At AuraSkinInstitute, this procedure is done with EXILIS- a skin tightening, fat reduction and non-invasive body contouring device. There is no downtime unlike the traditional male breast reduction surgery which leads to an ugly scar leaving you with an unforgettable telltale mark for the rest of your life. Exilis treats loose skin along with the small areas of fat. It works by heating up the accumulated fat leading to death of 30% fat cells and remaining cells become more compact and resistant to further fat collection.

Few sittings will be needed, 30-minutes for each session. You can join your workplace right after the sitting. The treatment is absolutely pain-free, without experiencing any discomfort. Few instructions will be given to you for a healthy and low-fat diet accompanied with few exercises.


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"Because being fat is depressing and it just brings me down."

Aura Skin Institute makes your self confidence and oomph factor alive again :)
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Our mantra is to re-juvenate, re-enliven and re-fresh your skin using innovative and revolutionary medical techniques. We, at AuraSkinInstitute, offer treatments that are completely safe & reliable!!! All the Fat Reduction services, performed under the guidance of expert doctors, can be customized according to your need and lifestyle. We don't spare any room for insecurities or worries!! Leave all your inhibitions behind and surrender yourself to our Experts! You will come out completely satisfied!!!

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Fat on Male Chest

44-years old male was suffering from male chest fat. Results after 2 sessions of Exilis.

Fat on Male Chest

22 years old male was suffering from male chest fat. He had started losing his confidence and could not learn swimming as he was very hesitant to take off his shirt. Results after 2 sessions of Exilis.