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Suture-less EarLobe Repair A torn or split ear lobe is a problem in which the pierced hole gets wider due to the overweight of your earrings, or some injury usually caused by child pull on the earring. Here, at AuraSkinInstitute, we offer you one of the best treatments to heal your damaged, but delicate earlobe with full care and effectiveness. For this purpose, we use a Suture-Less ear lobe repair method which is a very novel surgical technique that helps to repair your split earlobe without the use of any stitches.

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Your ears form an important and essential part of your body. And women love to flaunt their ornaments by getting them pierced. But sometimes the pierced hole gets so wider that it starts looking very ugly. But we have a wonderful solution for this. We have a very special technique whereby we repair your torn earlobes without giving you any stitch or suture. And the desired results are guaranteed. If you have any doubts take a look here.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."

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Aura Skin Institute makes every effort to bring that beauty in you :)

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Simla Rani, Housewife, Bathinda, Punjab
I used to wear heavy jewellary and earrings. This caused my earlobe holes to become too large. It made me very frustrated as I was no longer able to wear my beautiful earrings at functions. Then I came to know about suture-less ear lobe repair at Aura Skin Institute and I consulted Dr. Suruchi there. She did the procedure so nicely and her unique technique of suture-less earlobe repair is so fascinating. Within one week, my earlobe completely healed without any hassle of getting the stitches removed and after two weeks, I was given new hole with earrings on!

Simla Rani, Housewife, Bathinda, Punjab

Neha, Fashion Designer, Chandigarh
First of all I want to congratulate Dr. Suruchi for setting up a wonderful clinic which is aesthetically so appealing and technologically so advanced. She has an amazing technique to treat split ear lobes. It does not involve any stitches and within one week complete healing is achieved and thereafter you can get your earlobes pierced again. Thanks to Dr. Suruchi and entire team of Aura for putting up such a great show!

Neha, Fashion Designer, Chandigarh

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AuraSkinInstitute offers you the latest "No stitch" Dermato-surgical techniques for all your skin and hair problems, including hair transplantation, vitiligo surgery, ingrown toenails remedy, moles and warts solution and repair of torn ear lobes.. We assure you effective treatments with best results. Our panel of fully trained experts promise excellent outcomes by the use of our world-class techniques and equipments. So, what to worry about!!! Just come to us and get a youthful skin, you always craved for!

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Torn Ear Lobe Repair

This lady had torn ear lobes and was quite troubled because she was not able to flaunt her ear-ring jewellary. We did sutureless ear lobe repair and the results are visible.

Single Earlobe Repair

Results after 2 months of Surgery