Dermato Surgeries

Dermato-surgical procedures are performed to treat various health problems like baldness, vitiligo disease, ingrown toenails, moles, warts and torn ear lobes. Here, at AuraSkinInstitute, we offer you the latest “No stitch” Dermato-surgical techniques.


Dermato-surgical procedures are done to get rid of various skin and hair problems. At AuraSkinInstitute, we facilitate you with the treatments of hair transplantation, vitiligo surgery, ingrown toenails remedy, moles and warts solution and repair of torn ear lobes. We assure you to give the desired results with best care and effectiveness. Our panel of fully trained experts gives excellent outcomes by the use of our world-class techniques and equipments.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant method is used to treat the problem baldness mainly on the scalp, beard area, eyebrow and moustache areas. For this purpose, mainly the technique of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used.

Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo is a problem of white patches on your skin. It’s treated with innovative and most advanced Laser Assisted, PRP Enriched Epidermal Suspension Transplant (LA-PEEST) surgery.

Mole & Wart removal

Moles and warts removed with the use of radiofrequency, shave excision or laser techniques.

Suture-Less Ear Lobe Repair

A torn ear lobe problem can occur to women who either have worn heavy earrings or had a child pull on their earring. It is treated with a very special technique without giving any stitches or sutures.

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Indu Arora, Chandigarh
I had pigmentation on my face and neck. I tried several medicines and went to several clinics. It was so frustrating. Then one day while reading newspaper, I read an article of Dr. Suruchi Garg on pigmentation. I came to her the same day and she made a customized treatment plan for me. Now after 6 months, I am back to my original skin. I have never seen such a competent and confident doctor, yet so humble. Dr. Suruchi, I love you so much. I owe my new confidence and strength to you. May god bless you!

Indu Arora, Chandigarh

Parwinder, Company Executive, Chandigarh
I had freckles all over my face which were there for so many years. I had tried several remedies for it, but it did not go. But then I read in the newspaper about latest Pixel Q-switch laser at Aura Skin Institute. I fixed an appointment with the doctor and took this laser treatment. It is been only 3 sessions and around 90% of my freckles have disappeared. It is like a miracle for me and I am greatly indebted to Dr. Suruchi for this.

Parwinder, Company Executive, Chandigarh

Dermato Surgeries: Worries


AuraSkinInstitute offers you the latest "No stitch" Dermato-surgical techniques for all your skin and hair problems, including hair transplantation, vitiligo surgery, ingrown toenails remedy, moles and warts solution and repair of torn ear lobes.. We assure you effective treatments with best results. Our panel of fully trained experts promise excellent outcomes by the use of our world-class techniques and equipments. So, what to worry about!!! Just come to us and get a youthful skin, you always craved for!

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Lichenoid pigmentation

55 years old housewife developed this pigmentation over lower face. She took endless treatments, but in vain. She was depressed and withdrawn when came to our clinic. Lower half of face treated with 4 sittings of pixel Erbium laser: long pulse/1000mj /three passes. Marked improvement in terms of pigmentation as well as facial lift is noticed.

Lichenoid pigmentation 2

After 2 sittings of pixel Erbium laser: long pulse/ 1000mj /three passes

Pigmented back Secondary to Macular Amyloidosis

Treated with 3 mths of oral colchicine and 4 sittings of 70% glycolic acid peel