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AuraSkinInstitute has introduced for the first time in North India, first-of-its-kind, world class “Trichology Studio” – a centre to address all your Hair Problems under one roof. It is a very novel concept to provide ‘one-stop-destination’ which has all the facilities to tackle any problem related to Hair; ranging from excessive/unwanted body hair to abnormal hair loss to baldness. The approach till date was broken with some treatment at one place and other treatment in some other nook and corner, leaving people confused regarding counselling and solutions.

Our Trichology Studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and team of skilled personnel ready to offer you medical as well as surgical solutions at every level of your hair troubleshoot.

For excessive/unwanted body hair: Absolutely pain-free and fastest Laser Hair Reduction using Latest world class Lasers (US FDA approved).

  • Soprano Ice Laser: A combination of Diode Laser (for Coarse hair) and Alexandrite Laser (for Fine hair)
  • Harmony XL Platform: Super Hair Removal laser

For Hair loss (Temporary): Newer treatment options for strengthening the existing hair and promoting new hair growth:

  • PRP therapy
  • Mesotherapy with Anti-Hair loss serum and stem cells

For Diseased Hair: Latest medical treatments for various hair disorders like split ends, dandruff, head-lice or other infections of the scalp. Videomicroscopic examination is done in all the patients and appropriate treatments are offered.

For Baldness/Permanent Hair Loss: Hair Transplant using latest, world class surgical equipments and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – no stitch technique; at the most affordable price! PRP therapy is combined for enhanced results with studies published from our own centre.

"I knew I was going bald when it was taking longer and longer to wash my face."

Harry Hill
Our Hair Solutions can reduce that time for you :)

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B.B. Verma, Chandigarh, TV and Film Artist
Being a Punjabi film and T.V. artist, I was worried about hairfall and thinning of my hair till Dr. Suruchi Garg advised me for hair transplant. The procedure was done using FUE technique. It was nearly a painless procedure and there were no scars or stitches. Now it is been around 6 months and I am more than happy with the results. Now I face the camera with full confidence and concentration on other aspects of my work. Thanks to Dr. Suruchi and her team!

B.B. Verma, Chandigarh, TV and Film Artist

Bindu Ghai, Business Entrepreneur, Chandigarh
I got a reference of AuraSkinInstitute from one of my friends, where I met Dr. Suruchi Garg. She was generous enough to listen to my problem patiently. She took care of all my concerns advised me to take SHR laser treatment for whole body hair removal. It was really painfree and fast and apart from hair removal, it also reduced pigmentation on my face. And worth mentioning is the ambience at AuraSkinInstitute it is classy and very soothing. Trust me, Dr. Suruchi Garg is an expert and she knows her job pretty well.

Bindu Ghai, Business Entrepreneur, Chandigarh

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Eyebrow Transplant

Person was suffering from partial allopecia in which he lost his most of the hair from eyebrows .After 500 graft hair transplant he got his eyebrows back.

Beard Scar- Hair Transplant

Due to scars the growth of beard was not proper.After 100 grafts hair transplantation.

2500 Graft Hair Transplant

Results after 5 months of surgery