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Periorbital hyperpigmentation is a problem which is characterized by dark circles around your eyes. In addition, it can be associated with puffy eyes/eye bags or sunken eyes. The skin around eyes is fragile and devoid of underlying supporting subcutaneous tissue, leading to fragile blood capillaries which leak blood into this area and result in periorbital pigmentation and puffy eyes. Periorbital Pigmentation Treatment A lifestyle modification is of utmost importance. Stress plays havoc in this condition and sleep deprivation, long working hours (especially before computer screens), lack of balanced diet and anemia further aggravate this problem.

Periorbital Pigmentation Treatment Procedure

Here, at AuraSkinInstitute, we tackle this persistently annoying problem with topical medications, arginine peels, fillers and laser. We have world-class pixel Erbium laser technology to get rid of this pigmentation. When laser rays are targeted over this area, body stimulates healing response to this injury and new collagen and supporting tissue is formed. This results in strengthening of blood vessels and lesser leakage, thus in-turn takes care of pigmentation and puffy eyes. And if you have sunken eyes, then these are treated with fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Periorbital hyperpigmentation manifests as dark circles under your eyes. In addition, there can be puffy eyes or sunken eyes. It is becoming a very common problem due to today’s highly stressful and flamboyant lifestyle. One of the prime reasons of stress is working for long hours without taking quality breaks and meeting the deadlines. Here is the description of some of the main FAQs and their answers to clear your doubts and queries regarding this treatment. Have a look!!

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Kritika, Toronto, Canada
I live in Canada and was visiting India these summers. I had persistent dark under eye circles for which I had tried treatment at many clinics. Finally I went to Aura Skin Institute. It’s such a big relief to find a clinic that is being run by a competent Dermatologist and not only beauty therapists. Dr. Suruchi Garg is a doctor par excellence. She understands pigmentation issues in Indian skin very well and delivers outstanding results. I am an eye witness to this fact and I strongly recommend Dr. Suruchi for any issues related to pigmentation.

Kritika, Toronto, Canada

Shiela Seth, Press reporter, Chandigarh
I had some puffiness and dark circles around my eyes which looked very ugly. I consulted Dr. Suruchi who advised me the latest pixel Q-switch laser. I was scared initially, but then she explained me so well about the procedure and told me that this is absolutely painless. So I got it done and now I am very happy with the results. I admire Dr. Suruchi for her patience, personal touch and amazing knowledge of lasers!

Shiela Seth, Press reporter, Chandigarh

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At AuraSkinInstitute, Cocktail Therapies stand for a unique blend of various medical treatments for a glowing youthful skin, including removal of Pigmentation, Periorbital Pigmentation, Acne or Pimples and Facial Rejuvenation. Our experts won't let you complain of any discomfort or inefficiency during the treatment! Go through every detail, mentioned here and prepare your mind for the treatment you need. You have the right to know everything, after all its your skin, your looks, your money!!!

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Periorbital Pigmentation

33 yrs old housewife not happy with periorbital pigmentation and wrinkles.Results after 4 sittings of pixel erbium laser:1000mj /long pulse/ three passes

Periorbital Pigmentation 2

50 years old housewife with periorbital pigmentation. Results after single sitting of pixel Erbium laser-long pulse/1000mj/3 passes

Periorbital Pigmentation 3

40 years old lady with Periorbital pigmentation, treated with 3 sittings of pixel Erbium laser- long pulse/1000mj/3 passes