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Mole Removal

Moles or Melanocytic nevi are small often slightly raised blemishes on the skin which are quite dark due to high concentration of melanin in them. Sometimes regarded as “beauty marks” especially when found in women’s cheeks, however, these are not always beautiful. Moles are graded as epidermal, junctional/mixed and intradermal nevi, depending upon their level of origin and depth.

Warts are small, round or oval, usually painless growths on the skin caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). These are usually seen on hands, feet, face, forehead and genital areas. They are generally harmless, however can be disfiguring and embarrassing, and occasionally they itch or hurt (particularly on the feet). Also warts have a tendency to spread locally and from one body part to another. One should not try removing a wart by cutting, tearing or picking.

Here, at AuraSkinInstitute, we offer you an effective treatment for both these skin troubles. We make sure that you go home with a healthy and clear skin devoid of moles and warts. Moles are treated in a single sitting with the use of radiofrequency, laser or shave excision methods depending upon their level of origin. And, warts are burnt and treated by the technique of radiofrequency ablation. Warts have tendency to recur and may require repeat sessions.

FAQs About Mole & Wart Removal

Moles can be epidermal, junctional or mixed intradermal nevi, depending upon the level and depth of their origin on your skin. Shave excision is done for epidermal and mixed nevi; while elliptical excision and resuturing is done for intradermal nevi.

On the other hand, warts are caused by a virus and have a tendency to spread locally and to other body parts also. At AuraSkinInstitute, we treat both these problems using our latest techniques - laser, shave excision and radiofrequency ablation. With these methods we assure you to achieve desired results. If you have any query regarding moles, warts or their treatments, then here is the list of some of the main FAQs and their answers to clear your worries. Have a look!!

  • What's in a Mole and Wart Removal treatment?
  • Moles can be removed with radiofrequency, laser or by shave excision depending upon their level of origin. Shave excision is done for epidermal and mixed nevi; while elliptical excision and resuturing is done for intradermal nevi. Warts are usually burnt to their base by radiofrequency ablation.
  • Is it painful and will it leave a scar?
  • It is done under local anaesthesia and if superficial will not leave a scar. Deeper lesion may leave a thin surgical line.
  • How long will it take?
  • The procedure time usually takes around half an hour.
  • Are the results permanent?
  • Yes, once treated adequately, the results are permanent for moles, while warts may recur and may require two or more treatment sessions.
  • How many treatment sessions will I need?
  • For moles only one session is required, whereas warts may require two or more sittings.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."

Maya Angelou
Aura Skin Institute makes every effort to bring that beauty in you :)

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Harleen, Actress
I am an actress in Punjabi movies and spend lot of time outdoors in the Sun due to which I was developing lot many freckles and moles more so due to my fair complexion. I wanted to remove these spots from my face at the earliest. So I went to Aura Skin Institute with all my concerns. I was offered Radiofrequency ablation and pixel q switch treatment for these marks, for which I got very good response. Im really happy with my new look!!

Harleen, Actress

Vikas, Businessman, Chandigarh
I had warts on my cheeks and neck which were just increasing in number. I tried several medicines, but to no avail. Many of them had started to bleed when I shaved my beard. Then one day I read in the newspaper about Aura Skin Institute and met Dr. Suruchi there. She explained me in detail about my problem and offered me the latest Radio Frequency Ablation treatment for these warts. I took the treatment and in a single sitting, she burnt all my warts. And now even after 6 months, my face is all clear!

Vikas, Businessman, Chandigarh

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AuraSkinInstitute offers you the latest "No stitch" Dermato-surgical techniques for all your skin and hair problems, including hair transplantation, vitiligo surgery, ingrown toenails remedy, moles and warts solution and repair of torn ear lobes.. We assure you effective treatments with best results. Our panel of fully trained experts promise excellent outcomes by the use of our world-class techniques and equipments. So, what to worry about!!! Just come to us and get a youthful skin, you always craved for!

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Mole Removal

23 Years old actress Radiofrequency ablation of epidermal nevi followed by pixel q switch laser for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Mole Removal

Result after 1 month of treatment.

Wart Removal

results after Wart Removal.