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Scars: They Do Not Have to Last a Lifetime

Scars: They Do Not Have to Last a Lifetime

The word ‘scar’ often carries with it a negative connotation- it makes one uneasy at the very thought of it. Scars are the embodiment of pain and suffering, are they not? The bad reputation they have amongst us beauty-obsessed humans brings about a desire to not have them mar our smooth and even skin. The presence of a scar can be emotionally taxing. Life often places us in certain situations which leave a lasting mark on our minds and our bodies. Scars may serve as a reminder of the trauma that caused them, or they may simply not appeal to one’s vanity. At the end of the day, wanting to “live with it” or wanting to move past it is a matter of personal choice.

Most of us are fortunate enough to be born with supple, glowing, soft skin. But, as we grow older, the environment around us causes our skin to age rapidly. Signs of skin damage, such as wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and pigmentation come about on our bodies. Dermatology has advanced to such an extent that many elective procedures now exist to make us forget our skin woes and visibly reduce certain signs of ageing and skin damage.

The desire to have smooth, scar-free skin should be one’s own decision. An accident or an unwarranted event can lead to one being hurt or injured, resulting in the development of a scar in the affected area. It is possible to not like or appreciate the appearance of the scar on one’s body, and the desire to change the way it looks is only natural. At Aura, the insecurities, discomfort and uneasiness that may arise from having such scars on your body are feelings we have become all too familiar with over the years.

Aura Skin Institute offers a wide variety of elective procedures that one may opt for in order to reduce the appearance of scars. We address your skin concerns with not only highly trained and efficient personnel, but also with state-of-the-art equipment including highly advanced lasers.

When multiple layers of skin are injured, scars are formed as a part of the body’s natural healing process. More times than not, they are not pleasing to look at, and often, one wishes to have them removed or have their appearance visibly reduced. Using lasers to reduce the appearance of scars is considered one of the safest and surest methods of achieving desired results without having to go in for surgical options. Say goodbye to scalpels and surgeons. Laser scar reduction is a simple and an effective treatment that does not require the use of anaesthesia. Quick and easy, it involves less preparation than any surgery. It has also shown patients noticeable results after the first sitting itself. Vaporising the outermost layer of the skin by producing heat internally is the technique that lasers use. This process stimulates creation of new skin tissue, removes the hard scar tissue, and neutralises the unappreciated appearance of the scar.

Burn scars are the toughest and most challenging ones to treat. At Aura, we offer you treatment through the latest lasers used in combination with topical medications. All kinds of burn scars, especially those on the face, can be improved and treated via the technique of laser surgery. This treatment generates a thermal reaction on the distressed area of your skin and leads to the coagulation of skin tissues. It ends up making your skin look much smoother by lessening your burn marks. Basically, a laser treatment works best for healing keloid or hypertrophic scars formed after burn injury. These scars occur in raised or more noticeable forms, making them undesirable.

We understand your skin concerns, and know how much it means to you to have the skin that you desire. Your comfort matters to us, and because of this, we have designed treatments specific to your needs. A cocktail treatment we have created combines lasers with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to improve the outcome of skin modelling. This also leads to improved new skin formation. This treatment of lasers and PRP therapy gives better results than lasers alone while also reducing the number of sessions required.

The therapies and treatments offered at Aura Skin Institute are designed keeping in mind the needs, desires and comfort of the patient. Every procedure offered by the institute is done so after years of research and development. We believe that every patient who reaches out to us is unique, both physically and emotionally, therefore, we curate for them treatment options specific to their concerns.