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Unraveling the mystery of Covid-19 cytokine storm: From skin to organ systems
COVID‐19 is a global pandemic that emerged from Wuhan, China. Besides pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome, the disease leads to multisystem involvement in the form of myocarditis, arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, gastrointestinal symptoms, hypoxemic brain injury, acute liver, and renal function impairment. There are also reports of cutaneous lesions in form of urticarial and maculopapular rashes, chilblain like fingers and toes (covid feet), livedoid vasculopathy, and chicken‐pox like or varicelliform vesicles.
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Nature’s fury: Man Vs Corona Virus – Can we deal with it?
It seems as if the pre-existing widespread infestation of man by fungi since last one decade was not enough; the nature has generated its new weapon in the form of corona virus to bring down man's arrogance and his ways of ill-treating and attempt to rule the nature. It could be a zoonosis or a biological warfare or a biological warfare gone wrong and further propagated by nature's fury to teach lessons, no one really knows; but what everyone is finally realizing is that we are mere spectators without any power and there is no hope as of now against this serious pandemic.
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