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Hair Transplant in male pattern baldness

FUE grafting :34 yrs male came to us with frontal baldness and receding hairline. He started losing hair at his age of 30. We treated him with FUE hair transplant technique and implanted 3000 grafts. Results after 9 months post hair transplant.

2500 Graft Hair Transplant

Results after 5 months of surgery

Hair Transplant

FUE grafting: Young, IT professional suffering from male pattern baldness. 3000 follicular units transplanted. Results 9 months after the transplant

Laser Hair Reduction (Back)

This young girl had excessive hair over trunk area. Hair reduction was done with SHR AFT laser. 5 sittings, of 7 joules/8 kJ each grid were given to achieve desired results.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

This middle aged entrepreneur had developed unsavoury signs of aging in the form of wrinkles around the eyes. Results after treatment with Clear Lift pixel Q-switch laser show marked improvement in wrinkles.

Tattoo removal

This young boy wanted selection in Army but his tattoo on right leg inked few years back was coming in his way to chase his dreams. He took High powered 1064 Q-switch Laser treatment. Results after 3 sittings saw near complete removal of the tattoo ink.

Botox Periorbital Area

29 yrs old Computer professional about to get married in 1 mth. Results for periorbital wrinkles after 18 units of botox injected in periorbital area: results after 10 days of procedure

Filler Nasolabial Folds and Accordian Lines

33-years old married woman was willing to fade away the prominant nasolabial folds. 1.5 cc of perlane injected in bilateral nasolabial folds and accordian lines. Results after this filler injection - showing marked improvement in the facial contours.

Tummy Fat reduction

40 years old male was suffering from fat around abdomen which was not going despite diet control and fairly good amount of exercise. Results after 4 sessions of Exilis showing flattened and toned up tummy.

Double chin

27-years old male was troubled with double chin which was not going despite his diet control. After one session of Exilis, he got this immediate result.

Active Acne And Post Acne Scars 3

15 years old boy too embarassed to mix up with friends due to active acne which were just not going even after trying several treatment therapies, We treated him with 8 mths of oral isotretinoin (30mg daily), followed by 4 sessions of hyaluronic acid- dermaroller therapy(mesotherapy).

Lichenoid pigmentation

55 years old housewife developed this pigmentation over lower face. She took endless treatments, but in vain. She was depressed and withdrawn when came to our clinic. Lower half of face treated with 4 sittings of pixel Erbium laser: long pulse/1000mj /three passes. Marked improvement in terms of pigmentation as well as facial lift is noticed.

Mole Removal

23 Years old actress Radiofrequency ablation of epidermal nevi followed by pixel q switch laser for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Torn Ear Lobe Repair

This lady had torn ear lobes and was quite troubled because she was not able to flaunt her ear-ring jewellary. We did sutureless ear lobe repair and the results are visible.