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Bra Fat

The term Bra Fat relates to the fat accumulated in the area around female breasts, and the undesired bulges at the upper back. The area might specially look awful if you plan to wear a beach wear. This stubborn fat needs to be treated to look 'beautiful from outside and confident from inside'!!

Despite healthy diet and exercise, disproportionate contours or bulges in your upper area fail to go away due to the stubborn fat accumulated around the breasts. Bra Fat on the sides is basically enveloped by a fibrous tissue and the fat is tightly adherent to this fibrous tissue.

For this, Body Contouring becomes a necessity as it can dramatically improve the shape and proportion of your breasts, boosting your self-confidence once again. At AuraSkinInstitute, we prefer treatment done by our latest state-of-the-art monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasound device called EXILIS. It is a non-invasive device for Body Contouring, Skin Tightening and Far Reduction. This technique is quite hassle-free, saves much of your precious time, without any pain and side effects. It is the most promising option, when it comes to non-surgical fat reduction and causes actual circumferential reductions and skin toning and shaping.


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"Because being fat is depressing and it just brings me down."

Aura Skin Institute makes your self confidence and oomph factor alive again :)
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Our mantra is to re-juvenate, re-enliven and re-fresh your skin using innovative and revolutionary medical techniques. We, at AuraSkinInstitute, offer treatments that are completely safe & reliable!!! All the Fat Reduction services, performed under the guidance of expert doctors, can be customized according to your need and lifestyle. We don't spare any room for insecurities or worries!! Leave all your inhibitions behind and surrender yourself to our Experts! You will come out completely satisfied!!!

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Bra Fat Reduction

33 years old working female was very disturbed with his bra fat.This is the result after 3 sessions of Exilis.

Bra Fat Reduction

27 years old foreigner was suffering from bra fat. After 2 sessions of Exilis, not only she got rid of bra fat but also got tremendous improvement in the form of tightened skin.