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Is Make up good for Acne Prone Skin?

Is Make up good for Acne Prone Skin?

We can’t deny that looks play a vital role in one’s life. While we are talking about looks, make up plays a significant role in hiding the flaws and enhancing the radiance and beauty of face. It is assumed that use of make up started approximately 6000 years ago and has passionately been used over centuries to conceal blemishes, spots and flaws on the skin.

But is make up good for acne prone skin? Does it worsen the acne? Does it damage your skin? Well these are million dollar questions every dermatologist comes across repeatedly.

There are both kinds of theories about it. While some Dermatologists say that one should avoid applying makeup on skin while you have acne because the cosmetic products amplify the skin problems by irritating the inflamed skin. More so because we donot clean the makeup properly and it remains on the skin resulting in obstruction of pores of the skin.

On the other hand, there are studies that suggest that makeup helps in improving confidence which helps people feel positive resulting in better results from the treatments.

Make sure that you buy preferably mineral based cosmetic products that are specially meant for acne prone skin and are non-comedogenic. Try to apply a toner before application of foundation so as to take care of pores and subsequent clogging. It will be even better if your foundation has an adequate SPF or sun protection to prevent pigmentation.

Make-up products if chosen carefully as per your skin type, used properly and removed completely, do not damage the skin.

Try not to cover the entire face with foundation or concealer as a routine and let your skin breathe. Rather use the  right shade  to hide the spots and blemishes. Learn to use the combination of colors to cover the spots and blemishes that draw attention.

So Is make-up safe? What’s the conclusion?

Yes, you can use make-up sparingly as it gives confidence along with a positive outlook towards life, while making sure that you remove it completely. Make a simple rule of not going to bed with make up on as your skin needs breathing, detoxification and repair. At the same time it is also important to take treatment from an experienced dermatologist so as to  diagnose the underlying cause and offer you  an acne free skin.

Good news is here that unlike many diseases, acne is curable :)