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Growth Industry – The rise of the beard transplant

Growth Industry – The rise of the beard transplant

What’s there in a beard or a moustache? Well, there are so many things about a beard or a moustache and the rise of the beard transplant in the industry is the proof to it. For some, it is a matter of imposing a unique style statement among peer groups and for some it is a matter of flaunting a fully loaded attitude. Beard or moustaches are to men as eyebrows are to women. Men take utmost care to maintain their beard or moustache while women do so to maintain their eyebrow.

Beard transplant surgery is now available in India. So it is time for patchy-bearded men to rejoice. To put it in simple words, a beard transplant is a method of restoring hair at a particular part of the face (as desired by the person). In this type of transplant, the surgeon transplants beard hair from the scalp with the use of follicular unit extraction technique (FUE). Beard transplant also includes the procedure to reconstruct a new beard or enhance the look of an existing beard.

Over the last few years, beard transplant has become quite a craze among the young and the old. It would not be a fallacy to state that beard transplant is one of the latest achievements in the field of cosmetic surgery in India.

This article highlights the best ideas about beard transplant.

Transplant facility in India

Yes! You don’t have to visit a foreign country for beard transplant. You can get it done right in India . For example Chandigarh is coming up as a major destination for meditourism and beard transplant in India. Best Beard Hair Transplantation in Chandigarh will render you a brand new look beaming with confidence.

Works on patients with male pattern hair loss (MPH)

Beard transplant usually works on patients with MPH i.e. male pattern hair loss and localized non scarring and scarring alopecia. It rarely works with those who have universal or generalized alopecia with no donor area anywhere else in body.  The reason is quite obvious. Patients who have alopecia have lack of hair on their body and thus they are not eligible to undergo such a transplant.

Enables you to choose your desired style

Just like a haircut, a beard transplant can also be done as per your desired style. You only have to request your doctor by showing a sample picture of your desired style or design the beard hairline as per your expectation. Leave the rest to the doctor because he knows what to do next. 

Beard Transplant is Easy and affordable

Beard transplant is an artistic and skilled work  more so than a scalp hair transplant as the direction of hair changes in different areas of face and symmetry has to be maintained as per one’s facial aesthetics. It is really important that you chose your surgeon wisely and discuss all your areas of concern beforehand.

It does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can seek counseling from an expert in the field about the cost of the transplantation, its procedure, amount of time taken etc. There is no pressure from anyone to undergo beard transplantation. You can do so only when you are mentally and financially ready to do so. Take a full day off

Beard transplantation usually takes between  6 to 8 hours . So it is better to take an off, the day you are ready for the transplantation. Sneaking away from professional chores to undergo beard transplantation is not a bad idea either! Do it because you will love it.