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Are transplanted hairs really permanent?

Are transplanted hairs really permanent?

Some people have several misconceptions about transplanted hair. Some think that transplanted hairs are not natural and some think that they do not grow more than once. But in fact, transplanted hairs are not only permanent, but are natural as well. Because they are taken from the back of the head called the ‘Donor Area’ and are transplanted to the bald area of the scalp, they do not require any special maintenance in the long run.

But How can Bald People Sustain Hair at the Back of the Head?

When we see any bald person, we notice that they have lost their hair at the top or the front part of the head but most of them still have hair at the back of their head. It is because of the fact that in most men suffering from hair fall, the reason is hereditary.

Because hair at the top of the head are more sensitive to the DHT hormone, they fall prey to the hormone, while the hair at the back and on sides are not sensitive to the DHT hormone and those hair do not fall.  That is why most bald people still have hair at the back of the head and at the sides.

So can they also get benefitted by Hair Transplant? Of course YES!

How Can You Benefit?

So when a bald or partially bald person is transplanted hair, hairs are used from the back and side of the head which is also known as the Permanent Zone. Thus these hairs are permanent.

In hair transplant, these permanent hairs are taken from the donor area and transplanted to the bald area. The transplanted hairs retain the basic characters even after transplantation. That means they will still remain resistant to falling even after transplant. This is the reason why transplanted hairs are permanent.

Another plus point is that these hairs do not need any special care. You can also trim, dye and shave these hair and these will re-grow just like the other hair on the scalp.

How do the Transplanted Hair Grow?

The transplanted hair follow a cycle of Growth as explained below.

Step 1. After the hair are transplanted, some of them fall off in the first month. But remember that while the transplanted hairs visibly fall from the scalp, the hair roots remain intact.

Step 2. After the transplanted hair fall, there is a rest phase because the roots take time to become strong and start growing their own grafts or hair. So this goes till the 3rd month.

Step 3. After 3 months of the transplant, a patient starts noticing growth of the transplanted hairs and it takes a maximum of 2 to 3 more months before your transplanted hairs become thick and start looking like your normal hair.

So don’t wait. Get your confidence back and give your personality a boost with a Hair Transplant.