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5 Most common reasons for Hair Fall – Do You Find Your Culprit here?

5 Most common reasons for Hair Fall – Do You Find Your Culprit here?

Every time you see a big bunch of hair falling out of the hairbrush, you tend to lose a bit of your peace of mind and even some sleep! Let’s admit it – We all want shiny locks and no one likes to be bald type beautiful. So in case you are losing out on your hair, check out these five main causes. You can opt for the right treatment only when you are aware about the exact cause of hair loss –

Male Pattern Baldness – Hair loss happening due to genetic reasons or family history of baldness due to male harmone Testosterones and Di-Hydroxy-epi androsterone (DHEAS) is called Male pattern baldness. In this case, the hair loss pattern begins with the shrinking of hair follicles leading to shorter and finer strands of hair. It then leads to receding hairline and hair thinning over the crown. Male pattern baldness is common in men and paradoxically in women as well and commonly happens before the age of 40.

Diet & Dieting – An inadequate diet or crash dieting habits are the biggest culprits for excessive hair loss. Women who tend to give up completely on milk and protein-rich pulses just to lose some weight end up losing hair in a scary manner. Opt for a balanced diet rich in all necessary vitamins and minerals. Make sure to include 50 grams of protein per day in your diet.

Medical Illness – People suffering from hypo or hyperthyroidism, can experience Hair loss as one of the complications arising in their body due to these diseases. Women suffering from PCOS and menopause end up facing hair loss problems as well.

Emotional Stress & anxiety – Leading a hyper-stressed lifestyle leads to excessive hair loss. The modern lifestyle where you start your day with a Smartphone and end it late-night on a laptop is causing a lot of damage to your internal body systems. The result – your skin loses its luster and premature hair loss begins. Taking emotional stress for any reason is equally bad for your hair.

Over styling – In case you are styling your hair every day, colouring them up in new ways, opting for rebounding and similar hair styles; be prepared to face hair loss problems in the later stage. Dr Suruchi Garg of Aura Skin Institute recommends using curling iron or hair products like gels, mousse, sprays etc. to be just once or twice a month! 

In fact, if you eat good diet, follow a stress-free lifestyle and use good hair care products, you may not face hair loss problems even in your fifties!

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