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2500 Graft Hair Transplant

Results after 5 months of surgery

Beard Scar- Hair Transplant

Due to scars the growth of beard was not proper.After 100 grafts hair transplantation.

Eyebrow Transplant

Person was suffering from partial allopecia in which he lost his most of the hair from eyebrows .After 500 graft hair transplant he got his eyebrows back.

Mustache Transplant

In an accident young man lost a part of his mustache. He had started losing his confidence. After transplant he is very happy and confident.

PRP Therapy

After 3 sessions of PRP Therapy

Beard Transplant

Results after 6 months of surgery.

Beard Transplant

FUE Beard Transplant : Result after 5 months of surgery.

Beard Transplant

FUE Beard Transplant: Result after 1 month of Transplant


Another boy showing male pattern baldness. Ideally he needed hair transplant, but to begin with he chose PRP therapy. Results after 2 sessions of PRP show improvement in density of hair with many dormant hair follicles starting to get activated.


This young boy showed diffuse thinning of hair over his scalp. For which he opted for PRP therapy and results after 3 sessions of PRP show marked improvement in density of hair. Also there was improvement in the texture of hair.


This young lady was suffering from hair fall and thinning of hair over her scalp. She took PRP therapy and results after 2 sessions of PRP.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE grafting: 36-years male with male pattern baldness, getting very conscious about his looks. Got FUE Hair Transplant at our institute and we transplanted 2500 grafts. The results after 10 months of surgery.