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Pigmentation Treatment

Results after 6 sittings

Periorbital Pigmentation and Wrinkles

Result after 5 sittings


After 1 sitting of pixel-Erbium laser: long pulse/1000mj/three passes

Periorbital Pigmentation 3

40 years old lady with Periorbital pigmentation, treated with 3 sittings of pixel Erbium laser- long pulse/1000mj/3 passes

Periorbital Pigmentation 2

50 years old housewife with periorbital pigmentation. Results after single sitting of pixel Erbium laser-long pulse/1000mj/3 passes

Periorbital Pigmentation

33 yrs old housewife not happy with periorbital pigmentation and wrinkles.Results after 4 sittings of pixel erbium laser:1000mj /long pulse/ three passes


After single sitting of pixel Erbium laser : long pulse/1000mj/three passes

Pigmented back Secondary to Macular Amyloidosis

Treated with 3 mths of oral colchicine and 4 sittings of 70% glycolic acid peel

Lichenoid pigmentation 2

After 2 sittings of pixel Erbium laser: long pulse/ 1000mj /three passes

Lichenoid pigmentation

55 years old housewife developed this pigmentation over lower face. She took endless treatments, but in vain. She was depressed and withdrawn when came to our clinic. Lower half of face treated with 4 sittings of pixel Erbium laser: long pulse/1000mj /three passes. Marked improvement in terms of pigmentation as well as facial lift is noticed.

Post Acne Scars and Erythema

30 yrs old lady with Acne Scars And Erythema. Treated With 4 Sittings Of i-pixel Erbium laser and 2 sittings of IPL

Post acne scars

Young girl with Post acne scars: 2 sittings of Pixel Erbium laser; Long pulse/1000mj/3 passes