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How Do I Remove My Permanent Tattoo

How Do I Remove My Permanent Tattoo

As the name suggests, permanent tattoos are forever and there to stay. So they last a lifetime. But it will be incorrect to say that there are no ways to remove a permanent tattoo. With the advancements in technology, even a permanent tattoo can be removed regardless of its size, type, color or shape and that too without harming the skin.

So if you have any unwanted tattoo or if you regret having a tattoo on your body, you must know that you can now get rid of it. Moreover it is safe for your skin too.

How can a Permanent Tattoo be removed?

Tattoo removal is possible with laser technique. It is a simple and painless procedure that is performed with high powered lasers. The laser light penetrates deep into your skin and demolishes the ink particles. Depending upon the tattoo and your skin, it takes at least one to two months to demolish the tattoo completely.

How much Time does it take?

Although removing your tattoo completely with laser technique is possible, but there are several factors involved. If your tattoo is new, it is comparatively easier to remove the tattoo. It also depends upon how deep has the tattoo penetrated in your skin. So the number of sessions you need depend upon the following factors

  1. Age of tattoo
  2. Density of the tattoo
  3. Depth of the tattoo
  4. Color of the tattoo
  5. Your skin tone

Is It Safe?

Laser technique is the most advanced technique and works on every skin tone. In just a few sessions, the tattoo is removed and it is a 100% safe procedure. It does not have any side effects. You only need to follow doctor’s advice and take care of some precautions. Some of these are listed below

  1. Avoid going out under direct Sun light. You should take care of the skin for some days and make sure that it does not come under direct sun light for a few days.
  2. In order to avoid rashes, you should avoid smoking and drinking.

The treatment of a tattoo removal using laser is performed by experts. The laser beam is passed through the top of the skin so that the skin absorbs it which then breaks the skin pigments. Removing a Black tattoo removal is easier because black tattoo pigments absorb all laser wavelengths. Other colors take relatively more time. Plus, smaller tattoos are easier to remove because of obvious reasons as they need less pulses of laser light.

Is it A Painful Procedure?

Although you will not feel any pain, you may feel a mild discomfort during the procedure. A cooling ointment is applied before and after the procedure to soothe the area around the tattoo.

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