Anti-aging Solutions

  • What is the treatment all about?
  • Laser peel is skin rejuvenation through "pixel Erbium" laser by ablating the superficial layers of skin fractionally. While laser facial or clear lift is done using "pixel Q-switch 1064" Laser which delivers controlled, pixilated laser beam at the proper depth in the dermis without harming the overlying epidermis/outer skin. Thus it has no downtime and one can join work immediately after the procedure.
  • Does this treatment work on all skin types?
  • Yes, this treatment works on all skin types. Er:YAG and pixel Q-switch 1064 laser technology is definitely the safest on Indian and Asian skin type, hence can be used on darker skin types as well.
  • How many treatment sessions will be needed?
  • Three to five treatment sessions will be needed depending upon your age and skin condition. Each session will be placed four weeks apart after the last session.
  • Is it painful or any side effects later on?
    1. The procedure feels like snapping of rubberband. There will be slight burning sensation on face later that day which will settle down by next day. The procedure requires one week healing time with Er:YAG laser. However, the latest "Pixel Q-switch 1064" laser is a new and revolutionary method of facial rejuvenation. The salient feature of this unique technology is that it is virtually painless with zero recovery time and you get instant results.
    2. The procedure is absolutely safe and there are no side effects.
  • What kind of improvements can I expect after this treatment?
  • You will notice a glowing skin with improved texture. Also noticeable improvement in open pores, scars, fine lines, pigmented patches and dark under eye circles.
  • Anything to avoid before or after the treatment?
  • We follow ‘No Sun, No Soap’ regimen for 7 days post procedure. One must apply sunscreen with good SPF every 3 hourly and keep the area moist for a good healing.
  • Are laser facials effective on dark or black skinned people?
  • Yes, Erbium pixel and Pixel Q-switch 1064 laser facials are effective for dark or black skin types as well.